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Suspension fits

It was pretty easy to predict the Big Ben suspension once the NFL schedules came out last night.

There are four games, then a bye for the Steelers before the heart of their schedule and string of primetime games.

So it fits that Ben would miss four games and neatly return after the bye week.

That's what I figured and of course details will be coming.

NFL schedule release day always is fun. I look to see if the Broncos host a game right after Christmas, because I'm always out there visiting Cassidy and family.

Bingo, this year the Houston Texans play in Denver. We'll be there. The Texans, at least, should be competing for a playoff spot.

The other two games I noticed were the Oct. 3 Washington at Philly showdown, featuring the return of Donovan McNabb.

And there's a cool Sept. 26 Eagles game in Jacksonville, a great trip for the diehard fan. That would be fun indeed.