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Drunk after drunk

We asked alumni this weekend what to make of the excessive drinking focus, and their answers are thoughtful and interesting.

Here's the story.

And here's a posted comment with the story. showing clearly that this is a focus worth continuing, with hopes that some changes can be made:

"Perhaps I am jaded by a long weekend on the ambulance, picking up drunk after drunk. 12 hours Friday night and 12 hours Saturday night, and EVERY single call was alcohol related. No grannys at the nursing home, no neighbor who is having a bad asthma attack. Nope. Drunk after drunk after drunk. There are days when I am truly disgusted to be a Penn State alum, to call Happy Valley my home. This is one of them.

What will it take? How many kids (because that's what they are regardless if the DOB on their license says otherwise) have to suffer life altering injuries? How many have to die before people wake the hell up and realize what is happening here? When will they start to take ownership of their actions?

Probably sometime after never."