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Waiting for votes

I've worked my share of Pennsylvania election nights and that experience told me last night around 11:30 that the Dem lieutenant governor race wouldn't be decided by presstime for the paper.

I knew, because it was tight and getting tighter and those last few precincts never seem to come in.

And the race included not one by two Philly Democrats along with Centre County's Scott Conklin, who was clinging to a lead.

Conklin is still leading barely and we've had no new vote counts since the wee hours today.

Amazingly some Philly and Delco precincts are still out. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Election workers around the state have to get their results in, but these don't. 

A recount is possible, likely actually, if the race gets closer with these outstanding results. You'd think the Philly candidates would benefit.

We're all waiting. And if there's a recount we'll be waiting quite a bit longer.

As for election night, the other races were called quickly and accurately. Great job by the Pennsylvania AP. Sen. Arlen Specter went down fast and hard thanks to unforgiving Democrats. And the governor candidates clinched early. 

Best wishes to Conklin, who may be waiting for quite awhile to know his status.