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Value of paper

Occasionally I hear from readers who are upset with the cost of the paper, or the cost of the premium TV guide.

Those costs are $1 for the paper if you have it home delivered, or $1.25 if you buy it at a newsstand or rack. The TV book costs 75 cents if you have it delivered or $2.99 if you buy it freestanding.

Let's assume you get delivery and want the TV book. You'd pay $1.75 a week. If you simply use a few coupons from the Sunday paper you'd get it all -- and the entire week's papers -- free.

It's as simple as that.

There's tremendous value in the Sunday paper when you consider coupons alone. And Brandie Mavrich is showing the way just today.

Read about her amazing coupon work and think about what you can do. You certainly can pay for your paper and much more.