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Time for a campaign for reform

Congrats to Scott Conklin, who prevailed over not one but two Philly Democrats and won a waiting game, staying in the lead the whole time.

Taxpayers will look favorably on him for that, and for a recount not taking place and costing more than a half million dollars.

Now Conklin gets to lead a campaign for reform. It's time for one.

Conklin is one of the few legislators to sign the Democracy Rising petition for a Constitutional Convention in the state.

We need that to bring real reform here, not window dressing. The Legislature is bloated, as the statewide grand jury showed, with 2,800 staffers. And that's just one problem area.

Conklin and Dan Onorato should run a reform campaign, and so should Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley. We have to change state government and cut its costs.

Conklin has an uphill battle. Pennsylvania voters go eight years for one party, eight years for the other. It's the track record, and Gov. Ed Rendell has used up the Democrats' eight years.

Conklin also faces a challenge for his own House seat, against Joyce Haas in an anti-incumbent year. It's time for him to campaign loudly on reform at every stop.

Let the campaign begin. Let's see if Conklin pushes the agenda for the taxpayer.