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Rendell gave it a shot

You have to give Gov. Ed Rendell credit for trying.

Trying to move Pennsylvania along and introducing new programs, even in an election year.

The latest is the expanded and lowered state sales tax, boldly introduced in February. It had no chance, given that this is an election year and legislators will not increase or expand taxes in a year that they face voters.

Rendell finally gave up. He deserves credit for trying.

Rendell is the ultimate lame duck, as Tom Corbett and Dan Onorato will start getting the headlines.

Rendell and legislators still have one more chance to pass a budget on time, something that's been missing in Rendell's eight years.

Odds are they make the deadline this year. It's an election year, you know.

Rendell will be known for, among other things, bringing gambling to the state and treating basic education well. School administrators and school board members in Pennsylvania will miss him when he's gone.

As for gambling, Pennsylvania residents don't have to go to New Jersey or West Virginia or elsewhere to gamble this holiday weekend, if they choose.  They should thank Rendell, win or lose.