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Deadline shines

I do have to share that Deadline, the young bull that I own with partners, made a smashing debut over the weekend by bucking on his very first shot.

It was a Memorial Day buckoff at a Texas ranch and it was a first for all of the 2-year-old bulls in the class.

Deadline, son of Wildfire, a top PBR bull of the past, put on a show and ranked 15th out of the 59 bulls in the futurity.

Not bad at all for the young guy.

There's a long, long way to go to the PBR tout, but now we know Deadline can buck. And that's the most important thing. 

You might be wondering why a bull, and how it got a name of Deadline.

Why is simple. I'm a big bull riding fan. The name? Credit goes to APME editors who came up with it at a group dinner in January. Perfect fit.