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Izzo bucks the trend

Tom Izzo's decision to stay at Michigan State goes against the grain in today's sports world.

With sports driven by money, more so than ever at the collegiate level, Izzo turned down a jackpot offered by the Cleveland Cavaliers to stay in East Lansing for life.

That's what he said at last night's press conference, where he was flanked by players.


Michigan State fans get their wish, and so do fans of college basketball overall. Izzo does an amazing job year in and year out at Michigan State, and his teams are a fixture at NCAA tournament time.

Amazingly, the Cavs waved millions but Izzo could never talk to the star player, who may or may not stay in Cleveland. 

That's the NBA for you, a league that is living large right now riding the high-interest  Lakers-Celtics series that heads to game 7 Thursday.

Izzo realized he's more suited for the college game. We look forward to seeing him again and again at the Bryce Jordan Center.