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Fraser Centre a reality?

I spent many years in Harrisburg and remember the time when many in town thought a hotel would never be built downtown.

Mayor Stephen R. Reed kept pushing, but few would believe. Finally came the Hilton, and the rest is history. A nice hotel on Market Street and a lot of development downtown.

Fast forward to Fraser Centre in State College, very different but similar.

Here, the project continues to be questioned as it tries to fill out condo ownership and total occupancy.

Some in council act like it should go away now.

This is the same council that passed a resolution in favor of Webster's last night, uniting for a business that didn't pay rent but divided on a place that will spark investment and interest in State College.

Go figure. You never should be surprised at anything regarding council.

Back to Fraser Centre, the bridge is a hideous idea and I'll refer to my previous blog post saying these people need to realize they are not Penn State.

No state money should come here for that bridge.

But I guarantee that the hotel will be popular, the condos will fill with high end types and the building will get use. In fact it might spark more to come to downtown, much like the Hilton in Harrisburg.

Council should get its heads out of Webster's coffee cups and find a way to make this project work and even get better.