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Rendell takes lonely road

Gov. Ed Rendell, the ultimate lame duck, could look away and enjoy his final months in the mansion.

But no, he's speaking out and it's about transportation funding. To his incredible credit he's trying to wake up a comatose legislature.

Rendell, you recall, called for a special session of the legislature after he lost again on tolling Interstate 80. He said they have to do something now.

They've ignored him. They passed a budget that doesn't look ahead to 2012 and didn't deal with a single problem in this state just so they could get something done on time in an election year.

They want to go to the polls and get re-elected, as usual.

They're off this summer, as Rendell tries to raise the visibility of the need to fund transportation in this state.

He's out there on his own, a lame duck, making perfect sense. Where are the candidates for governor and lt. governor on this topic? Can they lead?  

This should be dealt with immediately by this legislature. The candidates should call them back into session. Wake up, all. At least pay attention to Rendell.