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$40 to park on campus

Fans who don't have a parking pass or ticket in advance will be in for a shock on Penn State gamedays if they want to park on campus.

It'll cost $40.

That's right, and we're not talking about New York or Chicago here.

Gameday parking fees will soar this year, perhaps surprising fans who haven't been paying attention.

Single game tickets are on sale Monday at and you can buy parking tickets in advance for $10. Might be worth the investment right now or you'll pay later.

Of course you can always park in downtown State College and walk to the stadium. The rates are reasonable and there's a lot of garage space now.

You can't do that, however, if you want to open the trunk and drink all day.

So maybe in that case $40 will be worth it. Your choice. Just don't say you weren't warned.