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Should the trooper be disciplined?

Nobody could get near the suspected pipe bombs along old Route 220 today -- not the reporters or photographers or anyone in the public.

The roads were closed and the threat was real. The public found out by posts on our Web site and other Web sites and by broadcast media.

Then comes a state trooper who says an explosive device was detonated by a robot.

Nobody saw it but we reported it, as we should. It was headlined online for awhile, as thousands of readers came to find out what is going on.

Turns out that trooper didn't know what he was talking about. There was no explosive device, we found out later.

And of course a few blame the media as the messengers.

That trooper should face an internal probe on why he said what he did, essentially a lie. And he should face discipline.

Of course the state police will do what they will with their own. But in this case this trooper was out of line.

Troopers like him have to realize that the media are informing residents. There is no other information for residents. 

And this trooper was out of line.