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Direct from Nashville

Kudos to the Bryce Jordan Center for starting Labor Day weekend off right.

What better way to end Grange Fair week than to feature Sugarland and Little Big Town.

Looking forward to an awesome show direct from Nashville.

Speaking of Nashville, country music fans who attended Steel Magnolia's show Tuesday night at the fair learned just how direct the Nashville express is to Centre Hall.

Steel Magnolia started Tuesday at the Ryman in Nashville, announcing for the CMAs. They made the trip to the fair after that morning gig.

Also at the Ryman Tuesday morning was Justin Moore, who performed Monday night at the Grange Fair.

Fast travelers with high energy they are. They're driving to hit the top of country music.

They both treated country music fans at the fair well, and that treatment will continue tonight at the Jordan Center. It's called Nashville North for a reason, you know.