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Send legislators packing

Pennsylvania legislators know the voters pose no threat to them.

Just look at how they're acting. Nothing getting done, the Senate finished for the rest of the year, and the House canceling sessions because the Senate is gone.

And these people are paid grandly with benefits that you can't find elsewhere.

Yep, most of them are also on the ballot on Nov. 2. But worried? No way. Some don't even have opposition.

We're used to political stalemates in Harrisburg and we have a good one at this moment, while decisions on a gas severance tax and pension reform are delayed longer.

Harrisburg needs an overhaul, which is saying nothing new, but it needs one more than ever now. And I doubt either of these governor candidates have it in them to force reform to a bloated legislature.


Perhaps voters can send a few dozen of these reps and senators packing. That's what should happen in this ugly close to the 2010 legislative calendar.