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Readers choose their candidates

A full page of election endorsement letters is published today, and a nearly full page will be in Thursday's paper.

That will end the election letters for the Nov. 2 election. All had to be filed by Oct. 22.

Given our volume, if there's a candidate on the ballot that didn't get endorsed in any of these that should be a sign of worry. There are plenty of views to go around.

Thanks to readers who wrote in and shared their thoughts leading to the election. I think, if anything, we can count on them to vote.

As for the election, I find it rather curious that Dan Onorato is hanging around Happy Valley so much. Yes, the youth vote is important but if I were Onorato I'd walk around Philadelphia and the suburbs every day this close to the election with Gov. Ed Rendell.

The Philly vote is critical for Democrat Onorato, and I just wonder what is going to spark those voters will turn out.


Just an observation. I've watched so many Pennsylvania elections that I'm somewhat bewildered by Onorato's strategy.