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Pennsylvania turns red again

The statewide election outcome should surprise nobody, if you were paying close attention.

Eight years of a Democrat governor, in this case Ed Rendell, would be followed by eight years of a Republican governor. That's the way it goes in Pennsylvania, and Tom Corbett is the latest beneficiary.

Corbett ran away from Dan Onorato, and that didn't surprise me either. I couldn't understand the Onorato strategy of late.

Joe Sestak led much of the way in the U.S. Senate race last night but like many others the Republican came charging back. Arlen Specter did that every election. Pat Toomey did it last night. The nation watched this election, but Toomey's win was not enough to vault the Republicans to a U.S. Senate majority.

The legislature working with Corbett will be driven by Republican majorities in both houses. Let's see what can be done. This past divided legislature accomplished little or nothing of significance.

The Republicans now will be on the spot to deliver in Pennsylvania. It's high time that issues matter and politics don't in Harrisburg.

The best election result in the state, in my view, is that Philly voters finally gave Rep. John Perzel his exit. It's been 30 years. Former House Speaker Perzel should have been long gone, having been involved in the pay raise and pension disasters.

Perzel now is involved in Bonusgate, which raised the profile of Corbett before the election. You'll soon read a stunning headline on how much taxpayers will pay for Perzel's pension. Read that one and weep. It will be a front and center example of the high cost of Pennsylvania government.