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Beating Michigan

Savor it, folks. Beating Michigan is special.

There have been too many previous losses, including the one that occurred because two extra seconds ended up on the Big House clock.

That loss ruined a perfect year, but now Penn State is on a three game run over Michigan and Saturday night's was nice, wasn't it.

Not too many people thought the Nittany Lions would prevail, but an energy not seen with this teem was evident from the start in Beaver Stadium.

Two guys stood tall -- Matt McGloin and Evan Royster -- and the supporting cast contributed big time to send the Nittany Lions to a 41-31 win.

Let's ignore that the defense is not what you'd call a Penn State defense, but the offense made up for it and it will have to do that a few more times for Penn State to win eight or nine games.

The next one is the big one, though, and that will be No. 400 for Coach Joe Paterno. It could come Saturday against Northwestern, giving the Beaver Stadium faithful a chance to witness history.

You remember No. 300 and No. 324. This one will be even more special, and it will never happen again for any coach. This is history, Penn State fans, and you'll be there. 

Congratulations to Coach Paterno on No. 399.