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How the GOP could stay in power in Harrisburg

The Republicans who will run Harrisburg have a lot of ideas, and I'm happy to see one listed already.

This one, if acted on aggressively, could lead to the Republicans staying in power for awhile in the political charged capital.

The reason: Voters would applaud from one end of the state to another.

What am I talking about? It's the rarely discussed with sincerity idea of reducing the size of the Legislature.

This Legislature is incredibly bloated. Why in the world would this state need 253 full-time legislators with big benefit plans and thousands of staffers.

It's so bloated that even the statewide grand jury talked about it last year, and it has been allowed to stay fat. Right now it's so obese it's dangerous to the taxpayer.   

Meanwhile, times have changed. Much state business can be done online. Residents don't need to have legislators and their staffs hold their hands.  

And we don't need 253 people to do the people's business. Cut the number of legislators and staffers in half and we'll still get the same outcome, only more efficiently.

The Republicans led by Tom Corbett could do this and win favor with voters that could last a long, long time. I doubt they will, but it would be nice and it would set an example for other areas of government to downsize. 

We'll watch closely.