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Information slow in coming

You might be asking, how could there be a traffic stop in Clinton County on Nov. 17 and there still isn't a police report?

Welcome to our world.

You might wonder why we're slow in reporting an accident, perhaps reporting it two or three days late.

It often depends on when the state trooper writes the report. They often aren't in a hurry.

In the case of the Nov. 17 traffic stop, the state trooper hasn't filed anything. He's been off duty and he'll be back Friday, according to state police at Lamar.

That's three weeks and no information. Long even for the state police.

Unless we see an incident and question police at the scene, we don't have anything to report until police write a report. Police at the local level are much more responsive to getting the information out to residents.

In this Clinton County case, handled by state police, it's amazing the level of detail some people claim to know about the stop. There are some wild imaginations at play, or there's a serious leak at some level. 

When we have information we'll report it. Here's what we reported today.