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All about apps -- some favorites

Now that app is a word -- the word of the year for that matter -- I'll start sharing my favorite apps in this blog.

Only an app user for a few months since getting an iPhone, I'm continually amazed.

Favorites at the moment are the Opry app, which allows you to hear the Opry shows on WSM and listen to WSM in Nashville whenever you want to. Ths is awesome for a country music fan.

My early favorite was iRodeo, featuring bull ridng. Any PBR fan would love it.

The news apps are generally good, topped in my view by The New York Times. News apps went into overdrive yesterday sending out alerts on the shootings in Arizona. I read them at the Penn State-Michigan State game and knew there was Web site work to do quickly.

Sports apps are great, particularly those that first and foremost give scores. Get them for the NFL, NBA, NHL or whatever you like.

Music apps are amazing too, and besides Opry I like Reggae and iheart, which gives you everything. Another neat one is BingMusic, which offers the top 100 songs of any year. Just pick your favorite.

Penn State Live has a good app, designed in house and highly useful without frills. Nice work over there.

Our app is under construction and will be here soon, I hope. Until then enjoy your apps and let me know if you have favorites.