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State Patty's: Sales of T-shirts

Our Penn State student reporters this semester wrote yesterday's State Patty's Day main preview story, read by thousands online already.

They spent a few weeks on it and did a fine job, reaching out to various people for various angles.

A couple of things stood out to me:

1. The Tavern Association, through president Jennifer Zangrilli, couldn't find time to talk to the students. We'll have an update on bars that are closing tomorrow.

Zangrilli could have provided that for this story and represented the Tavern Association's view of this for the community. She says today that the students must not have tried to reach her. They did, however. 

2. Wonder why some stores are selling T-shirts to promote the event? The almighty dollar rides high, but the answer given by Tracy Bell of the Family Clothesline begs some questioniong. She said, "We provide shirts for every occasion ... We do not condone excessive drinking. But with that said, we can't control what people do in our merchandise."

Oh really. Let's see, there aren't enough events here for the Family Clothesline. Amazing.

They should try selling in a town with little going on. 

I'll write further about State Patty's in my column for Saturday's paper.