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Corbett did you look around?

Sadly missing from Gov. Tom Corbett's budget that slashes and burns is any pain to be felt by the bloated Legislature or the state administration in Harrisburg.

Let's chop at basic education and let's slash at higher education and let's not tax the Marcellus Shale companies.

And let's turn away when it comes to digging into the size and expense of the bloated Legislature and the state administration infrastructure.

Corbett calls for a one-year freeze in salaries of educators. That's fine, but how about state employees and elected officials? 

How about legislators? We have 253 of them and hundreds, make that thousands, of legislative staffers. No cuts there. Corbett just looked away.

The very sad aspect of this budget is that it can be passed in coming weeks as is. And if you don't think that can happen take a moment and realize Republicans control both branches of the Legislature and the governor's office.

They can approve this in a heartbeat.

I truly hope that voters make their voice heard and tell this governor that he should tax gas drilling, better fund education, and slash at the Legislature and the government itself.