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Comments and more comments

A new comment record is being set with a story, as readers are talking about Gov. Tom Corbett's comments made in Johnstown addressing Penn State's reaction to his proposed budget cuts.

At this writing there are 199 comments, easily a record with one story.

It continues a vibrant discussion all week with stories on this issue, and we've grouped them online for you to read the reports and the comments.

Many of the comments are making points, on one side or another.

We now know that the Senate Appropriations Committe will hold its hearing for Penn State and the state-related colleges on Wednesday.

Do the 170,000 students who go to these colleges have a rally in them?

Seems like the perfect time to descend on Harrisburg and rally, Wisconsin style, in the capital city.

Students better get engaged quickly on this topic, because I suspect Republicans are going to pass the Corbett budget in April as written, or just slightly changed.

Corbett's assault on higher education stands out, because his level of cutting is the highest in the U.S. He has his priorities clearly misplaced, in my view.