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Corbett and his task force

So Gov. Tom Corbett is still open to a gas drilling fee.

Fee or tax, it's the right move and Corbett should know it. He's waiting, however, for his industry-dominated task force to get back to him.

Talk to people in the industry and they are prepared for a tax in Pennsylvania. They are realistic, given that this is the only state that doesn't tax. Corbett, by giving them plenty of seats on his task force, is essentially letting them plan their own tax or fee increase.

So be it for the Corbett administration, but it would be better than nothing. Corbett would do well to listen to the polls and do something and then push Republican legislative leaders to enact it.

This governor has gotten off to an abysmal start, and I am sensing that Pennsyvlanians are noticing for a change. Stay tuned.