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Today's story on Sandusky case

Today's story on the Jerry Sandusky case before a statewide grand jury is published in the Patriot-News and the Centre Daily Times.

The reason? Reporter Sara Ganim began working on the story here and completed her investigative reporting after she moved on to the Patriot-News.

The story presents facts in the case as we know them. There are no charges.

The case was elevated because it's before a statewide grand jury. It would be news anytime a prominent person has a case before a grand jury, if we know about it. Grand jury work is not public.

This is a tough story and it was handled with great professionalism by Ganim. You can read the full story in the CDT today or on It is not posted on our Web site because it is not our story. It was shared with us. 

We often share content with the Patriot-News that results in a win for readers here and in Harrisburg. Our paper is enriched with additional state government coverage, while the Patriot-News receives additional news from Penn State and Centre County. 

In the time we're in, with budget cuts at the state level and daily decisions on issues like gas drilling, this is a valued partnership that keeps us all more informed.