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SCASD budget cuts

There's quite a lot of debate with today's story, as you should expect. Big decisions are ahead for State College and all other school districts.

I don't see anything in these administration-fueled recommendations about salary cuts for administrators and an evaluation of downsizing administrative positions.

A 5 percent cut for administratiors, and more for top level, is what a good number of businesses are doing. And a furlough week for these employees is another possibility.

How about getting rid of vo-tech entirely and joining with CPI? This is long overdue and would result in big savings.

How about pulling out of the lawsuit over the swap and stop paying legal fees to go after lost money? Just get out at the best price and start a new chapter.

How about charging for activities, like plays and music? Sounds awful, but my niece in Colorado just paid to act in "Alladin" in elementary school. Her parents have to pay for everything she does.

These are some early thoughts. I'm sure you have many more.