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Pay to participate moving forward

It's nice to hear State College Area school board members saying they will not enact a  maximum tax increase this year.

There will have to be cuts, and taxes will have to rise slightly, but a maximum tax increase of 4 percent would hurt some residents. You only have to read the letters to the editor to understand that.

The board has to make tough choices, and among them are programs like Latin and intramural sports.

The greater State College community may not want to hear this, but the answer is to keep the special programs going but to charge students for participating. If students/families want to pay, then the program can sustain itself. If they don't, then the program will have to go away.

As I've written before they do this in other places, including Colorado where my niece in fourth grade had to pay to be in the school play. She'll pay for everything as she goes.

The greater community has to fund the schools, in Pennsylvania's tax system. It should not be asked to pay for everything students, parents and teachers want.

That's a reality check to consider today and moving forward.