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Legislative staffing series gains honor

Readers of our massive Pennsylvania project on the staffing of the state legislature would be interested to know that it was named the Associated Press Managing Editors innovation of April.

The project, produced by the AP and 33 member newspapers, including the CDT, was published on three Sundays in April. We also published a week-long series of stories on the staffing of each Centre County legislator.

We appreciate readers who have sent us notes about the series. Strangely, though, it has sparked few letters to the editor here at a time when letters are coming in like crazy.

That's interesting but not surprising. Readers can't quite grasp the scope of the legislature, and they're more moved by cuts of programs locally.

What could and should happen is the legislative costs -- totaling $300 million per year -- should be cut and money should flow back to prevent program cuts.

Is that a topic for a letter? I'd think so.