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Bull riding and politics

My favorite storyline over the weekend was Chad Ochocinco's attempt to ride the bull, Deja Blu.

He lasted a second and a half, more than I expected, at the PBR event in Duluth, Ga.

As a fan of bull riding, I respect the cowboys big time. Ochocinco found out the tough way.

He's called the "Cincinnati Cowboy" on the PBR web site because he handled it with guidance from Ty Murray. He's fortunate to get away.

I didn't expect to compare this to anything but you have to when you hear that Donald Trump is not going to run for president after all.

Really? Without the birther issue, he had as much of a chance as Ochocinco. With the birther issue, he could have stayed in the race.

So much for finding a story to compete with Ochocinco's rodeo debut.