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A PSU hoop fan's dream

OK, if you've followed Penn State baseketball as long as I have (since my student days in the late 1970s), you're dreaming today.

You're dreaming about who comes in the door next, replacing the suddenly departed Ed DeChellis.

DeChellis' team made an incredible run in the Big Ten tournament to snatch an NCAA bid. It was the best move of any team in the country, and it was due to Talor Battle and the seniors. It was fun.

What's left, however, will not contend in the Big Ten next year. A new coach has to come in fast and rebuild the program.

It's a tough time for an opening, but at Penn State it's a critical time.

Why? Because it's soon going to be Hockeytown around here, and anyone who doesn't think that doesn't realize the appeal of hockey in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to an $88 million gift, Penn State will have a great new arena and a growing team.

The fans will come, and they'll pack the place. Just wait and see.

And what will happen over at the Jordan Center? Well there will be more empty seats for Nittany Lions hoops if the program is not delivering.

The new coach has to act fast right from the start to build the team and build interest in the program. Otherwise, the fans will be lost to hockey.

So we dream, the longtime fans, of what happens next for Penn State hoops. Who will walk in the door?

My dream takes me to New York City, where an executive assistant to the head coach for St. John's stopped after a magical run in the Big Ten.

He was drawn to St. John's by Steve Lavin, and we saw him in action in March at the Pepsi Center in Denver where St. Johns played and lost in the first round of the Big Dance.

But the adviser to the coach stood out. Gene Keady, the longtime Purdue coach, would stand out in any crowd.

Keady kicked a few chairs in the Jordan Center in previous visits. He also talked highly about the Penn State program. I wonder whether he wants to come back for awhile.

Keady is 74, still relatively young when compared to another top Penn State coach. And my dream has him as a great fit.

We are allowed to dream, you know. What's yours?