Birthday celebration became a ‘nightmare’ when smiling gunman started shooting, Delaware dad says

Police say a gunman shot and killed Doris Duncan, 15, (pictured left), and Vincent DiMenco, 35.
Police say a gunman shot and killed Doris Duncan, 15, (pictured left), and Vincent DiMenco, 35. New Castle County Police Department

Duncan Dorsey was just a few yards away from his daughter Sunday when he saw the shotgun, he told Delaware Online.

He’d been celebrating his 54th birthday at his New Castle County, Delaware home with his friend and co-worker, Vincent DiMenco, 35, NBC Philadelphia reported. DiMenco was sitting in the front yard, while Dorsey’s daughter, Doris, 15, was in a car in the driveway, the news station said.

But the birthday party became “a nightmare” when a gunman walked onto Duncan Dorsey’s property at around 1:30 a.m., with a strange smile on his face and a shotgun, Dorsey told Delaware Online.

"When I saw the shotgun, it destroyed me," Dorsey said. "Then when he shot it, I was 'Oh my God. No. This can't be'.”

Dorsey picked up a chair to try to protect his family, the publication reported. Investigators say he was able to get away from the shooter, but DiMenco and Dorsey’s daughter got caught in the gunfire, PEOPLE reported. The suspect shot at DiMenco and at the car before fleeing, authorities said, reported NBC Philadelphia.

Emergency responders pronounced DiMenco and the teen dead at the scene, the news station reported.

Now investigators are asking the public for information that could lead to the arrest of the shooter, PEOPLE reported. They’re offering $10,000 for tips that result in the suspect’s capture, the publication said.

Duncan Dorsey and his wife, who was grazed by a bullet, are hoping that someone will come forward, Delaware Online reported.

"We just want justice for our daughter," said Dorsey’s wife, who’s also named Doris.

Doris Dorsey had recently graduated from Stanton Middle School, NBC Philadelphia reported. She was deciding which high school she’d go to next year, her mother told Delaware Online.

New Castle County Police Chief Vaughn Bond told PEOPLE his investigators will continue to work “nonstop.”

“How can you live with the fact that you killed a defenseless man and a 15-year-old child?” Bond said.

A 14-year-old Rock Hill girl was killed in a drive-by in Chester County, South Carolina. The girl was not the intended target of the gang shooting, police said.