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Register of wills

Job description: The register of wills is responsible for probating wills and granting letter of administration in cases where persons die without leaving a will. The register has jurisdiction over and maintains records of wills, inventory of estates and other miscellaneous documents. The register is the commonwealth’s agent for the collection of the state inheritance tax. The clerk of Orphans’ Court is responsible for performing the administrative record-keeping duties of that court. The clerk of Orphans’ Court issues marriage licenses, keeps required marriage record and processes and maintains all guardianship papers for minors and incapacitated persons. All papers pertaining to adoptions are filed in this office.

Term: Four years

Salary: $59,372 (effective 2008)

Mary Lisko

Party: Republican

Address: Boalsburg

E-mail address: mlisko@ aol.com

Birth date: Aug. 2, 1949

Education: 1971, Ohio State University, B.S.; 1976, Capital University Law School, J.D.

Occupation: business manager, Lisko & Associates

Qualifications: BankOne of Ohio, trust officer, nine years; Mellon Bank, assistant vice president, nine years; Foxdale Village, head of corporate board, current

Answer to question: To make sure the residents of Centre County receive the best service possible, keeping in mind we are dealing with people at a time of grief. I shall use my law school education and real-world business experience to manage the office efficiently to meet not only the current needs but to look into the future and see what we need to do today to provide the best service in the years to come.

Charles R. Gable

Party: Republican

Address: State College

E-mail address: gable@charlesrgable.us

Web site: www.Charles RGable.us

Birth date: Nov. 5, 1969

Education: 1993, Penn State, B.S., meteorology; minor in communication

Occupation: Penn State, environmental services

Qualifications: Planning Commission (vice chairman), State College Borough (January 2006-present); State College Area Chairman of the Centre County Republican Committee (2004-present); small-business owner; event manager, Penn State

Answer to question: Your register of wills should be a good manager, a good communicator and have the ability to connect with people. My priorities for the office are to raise awareness of the services provided, make the services more accessible and develop social networks to keep communities connected with one another. My experience on the Planning Commission, as a forecast and broadcast meteorologist, a youth counselor and a small-business owner developed my abilities for this office.

Kim Barton

Party: Republican

Address: Bellefonte

E-mail address: elect kim@aol. com

Web site: www.electkimbarton.com

Birth date: Nov. 24, 1960

Education: 1978, Bellefonte Area High School

Occupation: acting register of wills and clerk of Orphans’ Court

Qualifications: 29 years of experience in the Register of Wills Office: marriage license clerk, seven years, second deputy register of wills, 11⁄2 years, first deputy register of wills, 19 years, acting register of wills, 11⁄2 years

Answer to question: To continue to build on my experience and the efficiency that the office now provides. To provide courteous, people-friendly service to the public.To work in conjunction with the Department of Revenue to transfer data and inheritance tax funds online, to save the county time and money. To work on providing the public with online access to older records that are not currently available online.

Jeff Steiner

Party: Democratic

Address: Pleasant Gap

E-mail address: team steiner@ comcast.net

Web site: www.teamsteiner.org

Birthdate: Feb. 12, 1966

Education: Milton Hershey, diploma, 1984; Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.A., sociology, 1989; Penn State, M. Ed., 2001; William Glasser Institute, Quality Management Certification, 1996

Occupation: director, Bellefonte Family Resource Center

Qualifications: 10 years as a contracted county employee for Family Intervention Crisis Services, president board of directors Bellefonte YMCA, vice chairman Centre County Communities that Care, secretary Bellefonte Kiwanis

Answer to question: u Quality management: learning what I don’t already know about the office.u Respecting the knowledge and experience of current office staff.u Asking staff what is working, what is not working, what can be done better.u Interfacing and visiting with registers in other counties.u Deciding what is necessary to improve the functioning and effectiveness of the office.u Working with current office staff to implement changes to improve the functioning and effectiveness of the office.