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District judge (49-1-01)

This seat serves a portion of State College Borough consisting of the following precincts: South 2, Southeast, South Central 1, South Central 2, East 2, East 3, East 4, East Central 2, East Central 3, West Central 2

Job description: The magisterial district courts are the grass roots of Pennsylvania’s court system. The courts handle landlord-tenant and trespass actions and fines and penalties by government agencies. Magisterial district judges preside over preliminary arraignments and hearings in criminal cases, deciding whether there’s enough evidence to hand the case up to the common pleas court. They issue arrest warrants and accept guilty pleas to first-offense driving-under-the-influence charges. They are not required to be lawyers.

Term: Four years

Salary: $76,000ɤ

Carmine Prestia

Party: Crossfiled on Republican and Democratic ballots

Address: State College

E-mail address: carmine@prestia.net

Web site: www.districtcourt 49101.com

Birth date: Oct. 15, 1948

Education: B.S. law enforcement and corrections, Penn State 1971; 168th FBI National Academy, March 1992; Minor Judiciary Education Board Certification, December 1995

Occupation: Magisterial District Judge, District Court 49-1-01

Qualifications: 12 years as magisterial district judge for this court, 25 years as a police officer, Borough of State College

Answer to question: Finish equipping the district courts and the police with inexpensive Web cameras and public Internet connections that allow remote proceedings so the police do not have to bring certain defendants to the court. This process represents a significant increase in safety and savings in police time and costs transporting defendants. Refer appropriate cases to a collection agency to recover outstanding fines court has not been able to gather because of distance and time.ջ