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Voters Guide | Centre County district attorney


Term: Four years

Salary: $160,850 (2009)

(Vote for not more than one.)

Question: What changes do you hope to make over the next four years to address what you view as the single greatest threat to the safety of Centre County residents?


Stacy Parks Miller

Address: State College

Date of birth: March 20, 1969

Education: 1991, IUP B.S. marketing; 1994, Duquesne University, Juris Doctorate degree

Occupation: Centre County district attorney

Qualifications: District attorney four years; former first assistant district attorney; former deputy coroner; 18 years of experience in criminal law, extensive trial and management experience; former litigator and shareholder at Miller Kistler & Campbell

Answer: There is no single greatest threat. We will continue to improve on our tactical plan that focuses our office’s resources on those objectives that will protect our citizens the most in many areas. In partnership with law enforcement, we proactively target offenders that pose the greatest threat to safety, security and quality of life. Early case involvement and review is key to this strategy so that we can establish prosecutorial goals for every case. If the case does not end with conviction, the front-end work is wasted. This will keep the most violent offenders off of our streets, period.