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Voters Guide | Harris Township supervisor


Term: Six years

Salary: $1,875

Question: Zoning regulations vary between municipalities. Do you believe there should be changes to the zoning regulations in Harris Township? If so, what changes would you recommend?

(Vote for one.)


Franklin M. Harden

Date of birth: June 13, 1951

Education: B.S. degree in economics, Penn State

Occupation: Sales representative for Lezzer Lumber

Qualifications: Board experience with the Pennsylvania Builders Association, current regional legislative officer; Juniata Valley Council Boy Scouts of America, vice president of program; 27-year resident of Harris Township

Answer to question: I think our current zoning is fine for the most part. The planning board is working on some long-range planning that may require some minor adjustments. But we do not need wholesale changes.


Christopher Lee

Date of birth: Nov. 18, 1948

Education: Princeton University, bachelor’s degree

Occupation: CEO of the Boal Mansion Museum

Qualifications: Twelve years as Harris Township supervisor, four as chairman; former chairman of the Centre Regional Planning Commission and the Centre County MPO; three-time president of the Boalsburg Village Conservancy

Answer to question: This election is more important than parties or personalities. Voters’ choice will tip the majority of the Board of Supervisors in one of two very different directions. Lee’s opponent, with no government experience, has said if people want rezoning of agricultural land for more intensive uses, “We should let them have it.” This is one of many red flags for residents his statements have raised. On the other hand, Christopher Lee will protect the rural character of Harris Township as he did before in two terms as supervisor. With Christopher Lee, Harris Township’s quality of life is not for sale.