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Question: Schools never seem to have enough funding. As a board member in the Bald Eagle Area School District, what would you do to address this continuing issue?

Region 2

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Jane L. Bruss Reese

Date of birth: Aug. 31, 1958

Education: Bald Eagle Area High School, 1976; Penn State, human development and family studies, 2005

Occupation: Assistant coordinator of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, Penn State College of Education, 2003-present

Qualifications: Served as PTO president and on the All-School Booster Club and Wrestling Booster Club while my children were in school. Lifelong resident of the Bald Eagle Area School District. As assistant coordinator for the Humphrey Fellowship Program, I am able to attend K-12 and higher ed professional development activities at the local, state and federal level. I feel this is an asset that can be put to good use as a board member of the Bald Eagle Area School District.

Answer to question: Our state constitution requires public education for its children of Pennsylvania; however, this does not guarantee a blank check. Faculty, staff and residents of the Bald Eagle Area School District must be given the opportunities to work together to come up with solutions that help fill the gaps from the lack of funding.

I believe that parents and community are the key to fulfilling the needs that lack of funding cannot provide. The schools with the most success in the U.S. are the schools that have a high percentage of positive parent/community involvement. It is not the amount of money spent on each student.


Jeffrey Turner

Date of birth: Feb. 13, 1967

Education: Bald Eagle Area High School, 1985; three years in welding program at Centre County Vo-Tech (now Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology), graduated 1985.

Occupation: Plant manager, American Foundations in Bellefonte, overseeing custom precast concrete stuctures and concrete product distribution.

Qualifications: 12 years as Bald Eagle Area School District board member; six years as vice president; serving on many committeees such as facilities, contract negotiations, interview, budget, renovation and construction, artificial turf research and advisory. Twelve years as Joint Operating Committee member; eight years as co-chairman, serving on many committees such as negotiations, facilities, professional advisory, renovation and construction.

Having four children, I have been very active in the school for many years and attended many board meetings before deciding to run for office. Having children in the school gives me an advantage of knowing what goes on in the school and a vested interest in the decisions that we make.

Answer to question: I think at Bald Eagle we have always been very financially responsible and make things work with the money that we get. When things get tight, we figure out where we can save. Sometimes it’s tough, but I feel we have done a very good job.

Several years ago, things were very tight and we sent every budget back to all area coordinators and asked everyone to find 5 percent they could do without for one year. Everyone cut what they could, some 2-3 percent, some 9-10 percent. We saved enough to make things work for that year and got back on track the following year.