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Voters Guide | Spring Township supervisor


Term: Six years

Salary: $3,250

Question: Zoning regulations vary between municipalities. Do you believe there should be changes to the zoning regulations in Spring Township? If so, what changes would you recommend?

(Vote for one.)


Frank Royer, Pleasant Gap

Date of birth: Dec. 10, 1940

Education: Bellefonte High School, 1958

Occupation: Retired

Qualifications: Four-year member, Spring Benner Walker Joint Authority; Spring Township supervisor, 18 years.

Answer to question: Spring Township’s zoning regulations are currently up-to-date and not in need of changes at this time. We review our regulations and make changes if needed on a regular basis. If we receive a request, we act on it in a timely fashion.


Stephen A. Zelznick, Centre Hall

Date of birth: May 4, 1958

Education: Sun Valley High School, Aston, 1976; U.S. Marine Corps; hands-on experience.

Occupation: Retired corrections officer, SCI Rockview; seasonal road crew worker for Benner Township.

Qualifications: New, young (55), honest candidate in good health with earned leadership skills (USMC). Received 48 percent of Republican vote in primary; fortunately, the Democrats wrote me in for the fall election.

Answer to question: Yes, always keep your options open. Consistency must be factored in with zoning regulations. Another part of the equation is the Planning Commission’s recommendation to any zoning changes. In the year 2020, the Nittany Valley Region Comprehensive Plan comes up for revision. Municipalities covered in the plan are Bellefonte borough, Benner, Marion, Spring, and Walker townships, and in one way or another have deviated from this plan. Why have a comprehensive plan if all are not on board? If elected, I will inquire about this.