Trump scorecard: The president endorsed all of these candidates. Did they win?

President Donald Trump endorsed nearly 100 candidates for Senate, House and governor in Tuesday’s elections as he tried to sway Americans to vote for like-minded politicians who will help determine how successful his second two years in office will be.

As of Monday morning, 49 of 86 endorsed candidates whose races had been called won, giving Trump a 57 percent success rate. Twenty-nine endorsed incumbents won, while 14 lost. Two races remain uncalled.

Jump to your state (if you don’t see your state, that means Trump didn’t endorse a candidate there): Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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Martha Roby, Mike Dunleavy, Martha McSally, Andy Biggs, Doug Ducey, Asa Hutchinson Associated Press

Alabama Candidates

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Alaska Candidates

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Arizona Candidates

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Arkansas Candidates

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Dana Rohrabacher, Devin Nunes, Diane Harkey, Kevin McCarthy, John Cox, Paul Cook Associated Press

California Candidates

  • Dana Rohrabacher, a House incumbent
  • Devin Nunes, a House incumbent. What Trump has said about Nunes: “If (the Mueller investigation) turns out as everyone thinks it will, Devin Nunes should get the Medal of Honor. What he’s gone through, and his bravery, he should get a very important medal. Maybe we’ll call it the Medal of Freedom because we actually give them, the high awards for civilians..”(The Medal of Freedom is actually the highest civilian honor, while the Medeal of Honor is reserved for military heroism)
  • Diane Harkey, running for an open House seat
  • Kevin McCarthy, a House incumbent
  • John Cox, running for the open gubernatorial seat
  • Paul Cook, a House incumbent

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Walker Stapleton, Bob Stefanowski, Rick Scott, Matt Gaetz, Ted Yoho, Ron DeSantis (Not pictured: Neal Dunn, Ross Spano) Associated Press

Colorado Candidates

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Connecticut Candidates

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Florida Candidates

  • Rick Scott, a Senate challenger. What Trump had to say about Scott: “I hope this man right here, Rick Scott, runs for the Senate. I don’t know what he’s going to do. But I know that at a certain point it ends for you, and we can’t let it end. So I hope he runs for Senate.“

  • Matt Gaetz, a House incumbent
  • Neal Dunn, a House incumbent
  • Ross Spano, running for an open House seat
  • Michael Waltz, running for an open House seat

  • Ted Yoho, a House incumbent
  • Ron DeSantis, running for the open gubernatorial seat. What Trump had to say about DeSantis: “Ron DeSantis, I’ve known him a long time. He’s a smart guy; he’s a great guy. He’ll keep your jobs going way up, he’ll keep your taxes going way down.”’

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Brian Kemp, Mike Bost, Mike Braun, Kevin Yoder, Steve Watkins, Kris Kobach Associated Press

Georgia Candidates

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Illinois Candidates

  • Mike Bost, a House incumbent. What Trump has said about Bost: “Mike fights every day for the hardworking people of Illinois, and I know it probably better than anyone. He calls me: ‘Please, you’ve got to help my people.’ Other people, honestly, other people don’t care.”
  • Randy Hultgren, a House incumbent

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Indiana Candidates

  • Mike Braun, a Senate challenger. What Trump had to say about Braun: “Mike Braun is not a career politician. He’s a very successful businessman and a patriot… he’s a fighter, he’s a winner. He’s a very successful guy. He didn’t need this. I didn’t need it either, by the way. But we’re having fun. You know why? We’re winning.”

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Kansas Candidates

  • Kevin Yoder, a House incumbent
  • ✓ Steve Watkins, running for an open House seat. What Trump has said about Watkins: “Steve is a great veteran. He’s a patriot, and a proud West Point graduate, that means he’s very smart.”
  • Kris Kobach, running for the open gubernatorial seat. What Trump had to say about Kobach: “So a man that’s been with me from the beginning, he’s tough, he’s strong and I hated that he ran because I would have loved to have brought him into my administration, effectively loses, I’ll bring him into my administration in two seconds. I hope he loses because I want him so badly. But don’t do that.”

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Andy Barr, Clay Higgins, Bruce Poliquin, John James, Lena Epstein, Mike Bishop, Bill Schuette

Kentucky Candidates

  • Andy Barr, a House incumbent. What Trump has said about Barr: “If you want to stop Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker of the House ... then you have to get out and vote for Andy Barr.”

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Louisiana Candidates

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Maine Candidates

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Michigan Candidates

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minnesota endorse.jpg
Karin Housley, Erik Paulsen, Jason Lewis, Jim Hagedorn, Pete Stauber, Tom Emmer, Jeff Johnson Associated Press

Minnesota Candidates

  • Karin Housley, a Senate challenger. What Trump has said about Housley: “So, Karin is running against a far-left Democrat, Tina Smith, who nobody knows who the hell she is. Who is she? She was appointed.”
  • Dave Hughes, a House challenger
  • Erik Paulsen, a House incumbent
  • Jason Lewis, a House incumbent: What Trump has said about Lewis: “I’m here to support Congressman Jason Lewis, who you know. He’s a friend of mine, who has worked so hard for us and so hard on your Second Amendment, which is under siege, and so hard on cutting your taxes and regulations.”
  • Jim Hagedorn, running for an open House seat
  • Pete Stauber, running for an open House seat
  • Tom Emmer, a House incumbent
  • Jeff Johnson, running for the open gubernatorial seat

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MS-NEBRASKA endorse.jpg
Cindy Hyde-Smith, Roger Wicker, Josh Hawley, Matt Rosendale, Greg Gianforte, Deb Fischer

Mississippi Candidates

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Missouri Candidates

  • Josh Hawley, a Senate challenger. What Trump has said about Hawley: “Just pretend he’s one point down, please. We cannot take a chance of something going awry on Tuesday. That’s why I’m coming again.”

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Montana Candidates

  • Matt Rosendale, a Senate challenger. What Trump has said about Rosendale: “I’m going to Montana. We’re doing a rally for Matt Rosendale, who’s a fantastic man. And he’s doing very well. And we will be talking some pretty tough things about Senator Tester, who has been a disaster, and a disaster, frankly, for Montana.”
  • ✓ Greg Gianforte, a House incumbent. What Trump has said about Gianforte: “I had heard he body-slammed a reporter. ... I said, ‘Wait a minute. I know Montana pretty well; I think it might help him.’ And it did. Anybody that can do a body-slam, that’s my kind of guy.”

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Nebraska Candidates

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Nevada New Jersey.jpg
Dean Heller, Danny Tarkanian, Adam Laxalt, Jay Webber

Nevada Candidates

  • Dean Heller, a Senate incumbent. What Trump has said about Heller: “I have to say this, we started out, we weren’t friends. I didn’t like him, he didn’t like me. And as we fought and fought and fought, believe it or not, we started to respect each other, then we started to like each other, then we started to love each other.”
  • Danny Tarkanian, running for an open House seat
  • Adam Laxalt, running for the open gubernatorial seat

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New Jersey Candidates

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NY NC ND endorse.jpg
Dan Donovan, John Faso, Lee Zeldin, Claudia Tenney, Mark Harris, Ted Budd, Kevin Cramer

New York Candidates

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North Carolina Candidates

  • Mark Harris, running for an open House seat. What Trump has said about Harris: “Mark Harris is another true fighter for North Carolina. He will vote to protect your jobs and cut regulations like never before, because that’s what we’re doing. He will vote to save your health care, secure our border, and stop illegal immigration.”
  • Ted Budd, a House incumbent.

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North Dakota Candidates

  • Kevin Cramer, a Senate challenger. What Trump has said about Cramer: “I was walking in with Kevin, strong man walked up to me and said, I want to thank you Mr. President for saving our country. He had tears coming down his eyes. … I want to thank you for all the horrible things you have to go through.”

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Jim Renacci, Troy Balderson, Mike DeWine, Kevin Stitt, Lou Barletta, Keith Rothfus

Ohio Candidates

  • Jim Renacci, a Senate challenger. What Trump has said about Renacci: “This is a good man. Nothing’s easy about politics, but I’ll tell you what, he’s in there fighting, and just get out and vote for him. He is a good, good friend of mine and a good man.”
  • Troy Balderson, a House incumbent
  • Mike DeWine, running for the open gubernatorial seat

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Oklahoma Candidates

  • Kevin Stitt, running for the open gubernatorial seat

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Pennsylvania Candidates

  • Lou Barletta, a Senate challenger.
  • Keith Rothfus, a House incumbent. What Trump has said about Rothfus: “Yesterday in Pittsburgh I was really impressed with Congressman Keith Rothfus (far more so than any other local political figure). His sincere level of compassion, grief and sorrow for the events that took place was, in its own way, very inspiring.”
  • Mike Kelly, a House incumbent

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South Carolina Tennessee.jpg
Katie Arrington, Henry McMaster, Marsha Blackburn, David Kustoff, Bill Lee

South Carolina Candidates

  • Katie Arrington, running for an open House seat. What Trump has said about Arrington: “Katie Arrington, South Carolina, she was behind by a lot (in the primary) and she’s fantastic, by the way, she’s fantastic. And we endorsed her, and she beat a man that likes flamenco dancers from Argentina (Rep. Mark Sanford). You know about that. He was supposed to be vacationing on the Tallahassee Trail [sic, actually Appalachian Trail], but he was actually in Argentina.”
  • Henry McMaster, the incumbent governor. What Trump had to say about McMaster: “There was nobody else. Henry was there at the beginning. He’s a fighter. He’s tough. He’s strong.”

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Tennessee Candidates

  • Marsha Blackburn, running for an open Senate seat. What Trump has said about Blackburn: “I just want to thank Marsha Blackburn. And I will you, she’s all about Tennessee values. That’s the one. She’s got Tennessee values. A vote for Marsha is really a vote for me and everything that we stand for. It’s a vote for make America great again. That’s what it is.”
  • David Kustoff, a House incumbent
  • Bill Lee, running for the open gubernatorial seat

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Texas Utah Virginia.jpg
Ted Cruz, Pete Sessions, Kevin Brady, Greg Abbott, Mitt Romney, Corey Stewart, Dave Brat

Texas Candidates

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Utah Candidates

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Virginia Candidates

<a NAME="washingtonanchor"></a>

the last candidates.jpg
Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Patrick Morrisey, Leah Vukmir, Bryan Steil, Scott Walker, John Barrasso

Washington Candidates

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West Virginia Candidates

  • Patrick Morrisey, a Senate challenger. What Trump has said about Morrisey: “Let’s get on with it, let’s get on with it. Patrick, I think if he ever voted against us I’ll come back here, I’ll say we’re going to impeach him - impeach, we will impeach Patrick. He’ll never do it. He loves the people too much. He loves your industry too much. He understands the state too well. It’s not going to happen. So if you don’t want the Democrat mob like you saw in the Senate, vote for Patrick.”
  • Carol Miller, running for an open House seat. What Trump has said about Miller: “A woman that everybody respects, she is running against a total wacko. Now I’ve seen this person, you can’t have that person in Congress. That person is stone-cold crazy. A person that you know very well, and everybody in West Virginia loves Carol Miller.”

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Wisconsin Candidates

<a NAME="wyominganchor"></a>

Wyoming Candidates