McGinty defeats Sestak, to face Toomey in U.S. Senate race

In Centre County, the Senate race was not unexpected.

Sen. Pat Toomey, the only Republican on the ballot, walked to the nomination for another term in office with 17,453 votes.

On the Democratic side, four candidates were listed, but the real race was between just two.

Former DEP secretary and Gov. Tom Wolf’s first chief of staff, Katie McGinty, won by a healthy margin, taking 8,357 total in the county compared to runner-up, retired admiral Joe Sestak’s 5,625.

Third place went to Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, who posted a respectable 3,730 that was still more than half of Sestak’s total.

The state Supreme Court might as well have left Joseph Vodvarka’s name off the ballot. He received no votes, according to the Department of State, despite the last-minute return to the ballot at the court’s direction. According to the county website, he picked up 418 votes.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson had no hurdles in his race to the Republican nomination for re-election to the 5th District. He picked up 17,638 votes in Centre County running unopposed..

The primary sets up a repeat of the 2014 race with Kerith Strano Taylor, who was also unopposed on the Democratic ballot, where she garnered 15,322 votes.