Special Reports

Two Anniversaries

            There two anniversaries in this case that are approaching or are already here.  The first former District Attorney Ray Gricar’s sixty-fourth birthday; that is today.  The second is the four and a half year anniversary of the last known whereabouts of Mr. Gricar.  Depending on which set of witnesses you believe, that is sometime in the next ten days.  These two anniversaries illustrate the dilemma in this case.

            Maybe Mr. Gricar is alive.  If so, Ray (I feel like I know him well enough by all these blogs to call you Ray on this festive occasion), have a happy birthday!  You did it!  You pulled off the greatest vanishing act in the history of Pennsylvania!  It was brilliant.

            Maybe Mr. Gricar isn’t alive.  The chances that Mr. Gricar committed suicide or died from natural causes are unlikely.  It is very likely he was murdered.  If that is the case, it certainly isn’t a cause to celebrate.  There would be a murderer walking among us.  There would be a crime that someone, probably a brilliant someone, committed.  A brilliant killer than could strike at and kill a very senior law enforcement official is cause for concern, if not fear.  Mr. Gricar might be dead, but the killer may not be.  You could be his next victim.

            Which is it?  I don’t know; we don’t know.  Some of the reason we, all of us in the general public, don’t know is the secrecy obscuring the investigation.

            I guess a third anniversary that we will be observing is one of the start of frustration, frustration that we don’t have the answers.