Special Reports

Unsung Heroes of the Gricar Case

Over the next several weeks, I am going to be doing a new series on the Gricar case, namely some of the people that, perhaps not publicly, have made a positive difference in the investigation of the disappearance of former District Attorney Ray Gricar.  I will interrupt for any breaking news.

            There are many public, or “sung,” heroes in the case; those are people you see quoted in news stories and on television.  The police, like former detective Zaccagni and former chief Dixon, current Bellefonte Police Chief Weaver, Detective Rickard and the State Police are some.  Tony Gricar and Patty Fornicola are some others.  These were the public people.

            The unsung heroes are the people you don’t read about in CDT .  They are the people often active, but you rarely, or never, see them being quoted.  Many of these people did work that you never knew about, even if you recognize the names.

            So far as I know, none are part of the chain of command in the investigation.  None of them are paid to figure out what happened to Mr. Gricar, or are related to him.  Some of them do it because they care.  I don’t always agree with all of these unsung heroes, but they all have helped the case, at least a bit.

            This series is about them, and their role in the Gricar investigation.

            [Because of some non-Gricar activity, the frequency of my entries might drop a bit.]