Special Reports

Use the Vidocq Society

There are outside sources that can be used to investigate the disappearance of Ray Gricar, the former district attorney.  One suggestion, first raised by the defeated candidate for district attorney Anthony De Boef, was use retired law enforcement officers to volunteer their time.   They would be used in a similar method of using students from Penn State, under police supervision, to assist with the case.

            There is, however, one group that is organized to investigate cases of murder or unexplained death.  That is the Vidocq Society, based in Philadelphia:  http://www.vidocq.org/    I strongly urge you visit the Vidocq Society’s website.  This suggestion was made on a message board months, if not years ago, by a poster called “UndertheRadar,” or “UTR.”

            The Vidocq Society is an exclusive society comprised of people with expertise in various aspects of law enforcement; it includes current and former law enforcement professions.  As with the examples of what Penn State could do, the Vidocq Society brings together experts in various fields to look at all relevant aspects of a case.  Its purpose to breath new life into cold homicide and unexplained death cases, like the Gricar case.  It charges nothing for this service.    From hearing about it in the Philadelphia media, and reading about it online, it is possibly the top resources the police could use for revitalising cold cases, nationally.

            The case would have to be presented to Vidocq Society by the Bellefonte Police Department and/or the Centre County District Attorney's Office.  The Society only considers cases when asked to.  The Society would vote on if to participate in the investigation.  It may agree to investigate or decline.  

            Even if the Society, as a whole, might not take the case, some individual members might be interested in volunteering their services.

It is described as being “widely regarded as one of the strangest cases in Pennsylvania history,” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Gricar and some individual members might be interested.  As the Vidocq Society is based in Pennsylvania, and has many Pennsylvania members, some might be interested in volunteering their help.

            The Vidocq Society, along with retired law enforcement personnel, is an untapped resource in the Gricar case.   If the disappearance of former District Attorney Ray Gricar has truly stymied the local police, they have these resources.