Special Reports

A Few Changes

           I mentioned a few days ago that I was making a few changes to the site.  With the help Mr. Heisse and Mr. Colton (because I couldn’t figure out how to do it), there is a new photo on the blog.  No, it isn’t me.  It is Ray Gricar.  I also want to thank Tony Gricar for giving me permission to use it.

            This isn’t the “normal” photo of Mr. Gricar that is generally seen in the Press.  He is wearing a sweatshirt.  I chose that photo deliberately, because when Mr. Gricar disappeared, he was dressed casually (though he might have worn a suit later).  I’m hoping it jog someone’s memory or that, if he is out there, he’s not always wearing a coat and tie.

            Second, I’ve expanded the title from “Sporadic Comments” to “Sporadic Comments on the Gricar Case.”  I wanted people to see that I will be generally writing about the case and make it easier for folks interested in the case to find it.  I will explain how I got here, and why this wasn’t originally going to be the “Gricar blog” in a future post.

            Third, to the right, you will note two links.  First, is the family maintained missing person site on Mr. Gricar; this is where I got the photo.  Second is the one blog I follow, by Slamdunk, who did a guest blog here.  He does not write only about crime but covers an eclectic variety of subjects.  I highly recommend him.