Special Reports

No Happy Ending for the Gricar Case


            Very soon after I started delving into the disappearance of District Attorney Ray Gricar, I realized something.  There will not be a truly “happy ending” to his disappearance.  No matter happened to Mr. Gricar, a happy ending probably will never come about from this. 


            There are three major possibilities that explain Mr. Gricar’s disappearance, he was murdered, he committed suicide, and he left voluntarily.  No prospect is truly a happy ending.


            If Mr. Gricar was murdered, he can never return home to his daughter, girlfriend, friends and coworkers.  It was not his choice to be murdered, and his murder not only deprived him of live, but of his association with those close to him.  His daughter Lara cannot expect him to be at the other end of the phone when she calls.  Ms. Fornicola cannot retire with him, spending autumns in Vermont.  Tony Gricar cannot expect his uncle to come down for a visit, or visit with him during the Ohio State game.  He can’t engage in banter with Mr. Buehner or Mr. Sloane.  His murder would deprive them of these things.  It was neither their choice nor his.  There is only justice to be done, and closure to follow.


            If Mr. Gricar committed suicide, he can never return home to his daughter, girlfriend, friends and coworkers.  It would have been his choice, but it does deprive to those close to him of his association.  His method, perhaps inadvertently, left his family and friends without closure.


            If Mr. Gricar left voluntarily, he can come home again, but he has not chosen to do so yet.  Even if he eventually contacted someone close to him, it seems very clear that he did not do so to everyone listed.  It was his choice, and he would be alive, but he still deprived them of his association and of closure.


It also leads to speculation about the motivations of his associates, and leaves an aura of suspicion as to their motives.  Are they hiding something, like where Mr. Gricar is currently living?  Even if their motives are perfectly honest and honorable, as in the case of the press conference of Mr. Buehner and Mr. McKnight, their motives (and if they are “delusional”) are questioned.  If Mr. Gricar is alive, he allowed that exchange to happen.


Some people that observe the case, and not just the bloggers on message boards, have a preference for want they want to have happened.  Some have Mr. Gricar being murdered by the forces of evil for his prosecutorial actions, going down heroically as he is killed by a vengeful thug; there are numerous other murder theories, each with a "favorite suspect(s)."  Some want it to be suicide, because it is a voluntarily act.  Some want a voluntarily departure, because not only is voluntary, but if true, Mr. Gricar is both possibly alive, but demonstrated how brilliant he was by pulling this off.  The truth, whatever it ends up being, will not satisfy some.  It will destroy their image of what happened, and possibly their impression of Mr. Gricar.


In any event, if the truth ever comes out, no matter what it is, Happy Valley will not be entirely happy with the answer.