Special Reports


Last week, I received an e-mail from Mr. Bosak, titled “The torch is passed.”  I guessed from the title what it was about.  Mr. Bosak has suggested that I might become the “Gricar guy,” my term, for a while.  I resisted, which might surprise some of you.  The reason was, I know that I cannot do this job as well as Mr. Bosak could.

            Mr. Bosak has told me of at least some of the research he has done over the last three plus years.  I have been consistently stunned by what he has been able to find out, and by what he has been able to see.   He has managed to eliminate a number of possibilities, find out some new things.  The stuff that gets eliminated generally doesn’t get reported, but it is useful in eliminating possibilities and solving the case.  I know he checked me out thoroughly, to the point of seeing a photo of me and checking out which elections I’ve voted in since I turned eighteen.  I am frankly glad he has done so.  I hope he will, occasionally at least, post some comments.

            Mr. Bosak deserves thanks as the unsung hero of the Gricar case.  He found a number of things and has eliminated more.  I wish I could tell you some of what he has looked and the extent he has gone to get information.  This is high praise from an ex-politician with antipathy to the Press in general (they are absolutely necessary in a free society, but they still drive us crazy).  Thank you Mr. Bosak! 

            I’m not a journalist nor am I in law enforcement.  I’ve been in local government and was a welfare caseworker in Philadelphia for five years, which explains how I know what kind of stuff shows up in databases.  I am currently retired though I do some consulting in a different field, some of that involves advising clients, and their attorneys, involved in civil suits.  I’d much prefer to see someone with journalistic or law enforcement experience writing this blog. 

            I doubt that I will be able to write a daily blog, but I am hoping to give you something at least once a week.  I will be starting by raising some topics that have been bandied about in message boards, or sometimes discussed “behind the scenes.”  I hope to make it easier for those of you who don’t read message boards daily to more greatly understand some of the issues in the Gricar case.

            I hope that you will read these postings, ask questions, make comments and think.  I may not have the answer.  You may, however, be the one to ask the right question or make the right comment, which will trigger something else.  It has already happened in this case, at least to some extent.