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It Happens in Philadelphia Too

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the mysterious disappearance Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone; they, along with Ms. Imbo’s pickup truck were last seen leaving a club on the trend South Street in Philadelphia.  Foul play is suspected; police said they believe it was a murder for hire.  I hope that there families may find closure.

The FBI information on the case can be found here:



            I was gratified to see the story on the local NBC affiliate today.  I generally see their story once a year, but I remember the initial disappearance.  I Googled Mr. Petrone and found his family’s website, old articles, but very little current. 

I like to compare the local media coverage of the Gricar disappearance, to the Philadelphia coverage of the Imbo/Petrone disappearance.  In that respect, the CDT, the other media in Central Pennsylvania Media Market , even blogosphere and the message board crowd (both of which I am now a member) have continued to infuse interest in this case.  Granted Mr. Gricar was a public figure and granted we have more news here in Philadelphia (like four policeman murdered in sixteen months), but it hopeful to see that public interest in the Gricar case still exists. 

            One new entry into this case from the blogosphere is a blogger named Slamduck.  His/her site is here:  http://theslamdunktrove.blogspot.com/

           Slamdunk is a former police officer and not only has an in depth analysis of the Gricar case, which (so far) has been remarkably balanced.  He/she (and he/she won’t tell me which, incase he/she gives the wrong answer and has to go out on a date with me), also writes on other, non law enforcement matters.  It is interesting (well, I think it is) and worth a look.