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What Else is Missing?

When Ray Gricar disappeared, a few other things went missing as well.  For a while, it was his laptop, which turned up in the Susquehanna.  A few other things are things are also missing.  These were his wallet, keys, sunglasses, and contacts.

            Now, assume that this just a normal trip, that Mr. Gricar just went out driving for pleasure.  He would need a wallet to carry money and his driver’s license.  Keys would be needed to lock the house behind him and to start the car.  He was driving roughly east (actually east by northeast), in the morning on a fairly sunny day.  Sunglasses would be helpful.  Those sunglasses are not prescription, so to see, he’d need the contacts.  An extra set is something many people carry.  There is nothing unusual in these items.

            What do these things point to in terms of Mr. Gricar being missing?  These could point to any scenario.  There has been one comment by anyone in law enforcement about any of these other items, from Attorney General Tom Corbett.  He felt that that Mr. Gricar taking the keys might have indicated he was indenting to return. http://www.centredaily.com/138/story/3777.html

            If Mr. Gricar was murdered in Lewisburg, all of these items could be with the body.  He could have wearing the sunglasses at the time.  They could have, along with the keys, been in a pocket.  Likewise, if Mr. Gricar left Lewisburg, but intended to return later, perhaps days later, and was murdered someplace else, the keys could be anyplace.  But this is not the only possibility.

            In a similar situation, Mr. Gricar, keys in pocket, could have decided to end his life.  The keys could have been tossed into the water; the sunglasses might have remained in his pocket.  Mr. Gricar might have removed the keys from the car from force of habit.

            What if he left voluntarily, but with no intention of returning?  Well, Mr. Fornicola likely had another set of keys, as she was able to get the Mini Cooper back to Bellefonte.

Leaving the keys would have been like leaving a note expressing his intention.  It would have made it easy for anyone breaking into the car, a thief, to find the keys and steal the car.

            There is something else about what is missing that might prove helpful.  It was suggested by a poster named Undertherader (UTR).  The contacts were prescription.  If Mr. Gricar wore disposable contacts, his last purchases could be checked.  If he, for example purchased a box of 100 on 4/05/05 and there were 70 left on 4/15/05, this might be a good piece of evidence that his disappearance was intentional, and planned to be long term.

            Right now, what else is missing doesn’t point to anything definite.


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