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Roads Not Taken: Starting the Drive (Maybe)

As the fourth anniversary of the disappearance of Ray Gricar approached, almost a year, I wrote a blog entry called Can This Case Be Solved?  My conclusion was that, yes, the case could be solved.  Ironically, new information came out after that, just the day after I said it.  Any today, we might be seeing the police and the District Attorney’s Office starting to take that drive down those roads not taken.

            Today Centre County District Attorney Stacey Parks-Miller announced the formation of a review board to look at the case, made up of investigators (and not amateurs like me).  Maybe they will decide to travel down some of these untaken roads.

            At the third anniversary, then District Attorney Michael T. Madeira said, “Unless there is somebody with some news or there’s something that's discovered, some new piece of evidence that's discovered that hasn't been apparent to us to date, that gives us kind of a new lead, unless something like that happens, no. This is gonna be one of those cases that people ponder over for the next several decades.”2

            Mr. Madeira isn’t around anymore and this strategy may have been defeated with him.  It has not worked.  This new one might.

            I’ve just posted a series of blogs about what more can be done, in terms of investigation.  Maybe these will be part of the review; I hope so. 

The series about looking at new things in the investigation is here:

Roads Not Taken: The Bridgehead  

This blog looks for the possibility that Mr. Gricar was killed or committed suicide and his body was hidden in the wetlands or wooded areas just east of the bridge in Lewisburg, on the east side of the Susquehanna.

Roads Not Taken: You Gotta Have Friends

This blog looks at checking out those people close personally and geographically to Mr. Gricar and see if any of them might have helped provide the means for him to have left voluntarily.

Roads Not Taken: Asking Directions

This entry suggests looking at the same people to see if there was someone who might know of someone who had a motive for murdering Mr. Gricar, perhaps a personal motive.  They might know of someone Mr. Gricar might have been likely to meet in Lewisburg.

Roads Not Taken: Driving Along the Road

This one suggests looking at car purchased (and we can throw in car rentals) in the Lewisburg area on 4/14-4/18 to see if Mr. Gricar.

Roads Not Taken: Cash for the Road Trip


This one is to look at Mr. Gricar’s assets from the time he went to a full time district attorney (roughly 1997).  It suggests looking at two things.  Did Mr. Gricar divert assets, shelter them, so he could finance a new life someplace else?  Could someone have had a financial motive to murder him?

            The police and the Centre County District Attorney’s Office have never said that any of these things were ever checked.  These are roads not taken, at least publicly.  I hope that, one day, even the dead ends will be release.

            These roads don’t lead in one direction.  If Mr. Gricar’s remains are decomposing in wetlands across from Lewisburg, he obviously didn’t by a car.  Likewise, if one of his friends/associates rented a car for him to drive off into the sunset (or sunrise, since he drove east), they won’t know of anyone who possibly could have murdered him. 

            Some of these roads are dead ends; maybe all of them are dead ends.  They cannot all lead to the right destination.  Some of them might not be dead ends; that possibility is the reason to travel down them.

            One other point.  In the campaign, Ms. Parks-Miller only made one comment about the Gricar case.  When the campaign was over, she said it would be a priority.  Today, she kept her word.  Good job!


End Note

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