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An Update on the Rosa Case

         Some of you that have been following this blog for a while might remember me mentioning the disappearance of Rev. Jose Rosa, a Mennonite pastor who was reported missing outside of Lewisburg in late May of 2009.  I discussed the case in these blogs:  A Tale of Two Searches , An Update and a View into My Thought Processes .  On Thursday, Holy Thursday ironically, his body was found; it was found in a “wooded area” of White Deer Township.1 

Rev. Rosa’s death is believed to be suicide; the cause of death was given as “self hanging.2  Pastor Rosa, at the time he disappeared, was facing several serious criminal charges, so this development isn’t a complete surprise.

My condolences to everyone involved in this tragic situation.  Both the allegations, if true, and the suicide are tragic, on so many levels.

I do what to look at this in reference to the disappearance of former District Attorney Ray Gricar.  Both Pastor Rosa and Mr. Gricar disappeared from the Lewisburg area, less than four miles apart.  After just over ten months, Pastor Rosa’s remains were found.  After nearly five years, Mr. Gricar’s remains have not.  Why is that?

One answer to my question is, because there are no remains.  Mr. Gricar is alive and well and out there some place.  That is a possibility, and a good one, but only a possibility.  There are others.

Another answer to my question is that Mr. Gricar’s remains are someplace else.  He left Lewisburg, voluntarily or not, with someone.  He died and his remains are hidden someplace out of the area.

There is also a third possible answer.  Mr. Gricar’s remains are someplace nobody has looked.  He is dead, either as a result of foul play, suicide or some natural act, and the remains just have not been found.  Last month, I discussed this possibility, and a possible new area to search:  Roads Not Taken: The Bridgehead  I got the idea from my fellow blogger, Slamdunk, who made a good argument for checking on the east side of the Susquehanna.  You can read about it here (and I again encourage you read Slamdunk):  http://tiny.cc/montandon

The fate of Pastor Rosa is now known.  At least all involved can begin to find closure.  The fate of Mr. Gricar is still unknown.  I am now cautiously optimistic that it might be known at some point.

End note

1 Daily Item , 4/3/10 http://www.dailyitem.com/0100_news/local_story_092230322.html

2 Standard Journal , 4/2/10


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