Special Reports

Redoing the Indexes

In December, I did indexes of some the blogs.  Generally, they are grouped by subject but all relating to the disappearance of Ray Gricar.  There are indexes on the known evidence, the theories about what happened, what more can be done to investigate, and the investigation.  I will be updating these.

            There are two reasons.  First, there is increased public interest in the Gricar disappearance.   The anniversary is less than a fortnight away.  There is new impetus from the District Attorney, Stacy Parks Miller, in investigating the case.  Both of these things have increased public interest.

            Second, there are some newer things that I’ve blogged about.  One new index is on the media coverage and public reaction in the case; I’ll be adding an index of that.  I have done a new series dealing with what more that can be done.  I’ve also written a bit about other theories.  When the series finishes, more than 70 blogs will be indexed.

So far, there is no new evidence, but I am hopeful that there will be. I’m hopeful that there more regarding the investigation, perhaps with a successful conclusion.  That will be later, but for now let me express my extreme approval of the incumbent District Attorney on her handling of the Gricar investigation, so far.

When I started “Sporadic Comments,” more than a year ago, I had intended it be as “background blog,” looking at some of the technical aspects of the Gricar case.  I wanted to look at things like, what role do the media markets play in the case, and why the way the Mini Cooper was titled is important.  I was hoping to look at the evidence and mesh that evidence with the theories.  It rapidly evolved into something else, but I’ve wanted to continue the more analytical function.  Doing these indexes is a way to do that. 

I’ll be doing them over the next week, and, as always, I’ll interrupt for breaking news (I might even have to update some of the indexes).

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